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Roll of Honour

Sgt. Hugh J. McCall

Sgt. Hugh J. McCall
1st Bn. Rhodesian Light Infantry
3 Commando, 11 Troop
K.I.A. July 16, 1979

Hugh McCall was from New York and had served with the U.S Army 173rd Airborne. Hugh fought in the Rhodesian war for 3 years, a veteran of many Fire-Force and other combat operations. Hugh was very well respected and liked professional soldier with a tremendous sense of humor. Hugh was tragically shot while advancing uphill against the enemy in thick bush on the last day of a six-week bush trip in Operation Repulse near Buffalo Range. Another American Steve Dwyer was killed trying to rescue Hugh. Afterward a big American ex U.S. Marine carried Hugh’s body down the hill crying like a baby. Hugh was loved and missed by all. A daughter, a son and his Rhodesian wife Josie survived him.