Cpl. John Alan Coey
Rhodesian Army Medical Corps
(Attached to 1st Bn. Rhodesian Light Infantry) K.I.A. July 19, 1975

John Coey from Columbus Ohio was a very devout Christian and graduate of Ohio State University. He was a noble dedicated man with spiritual insight and political acumen with a keen perception of world affairs and the evils of communism. John joined the Rhodesian Army in March 1972 and became an elite member of the Rhodesian Special Air Service. John did officer training but eventually found his niche as an Army paramedic. In July 1974 John was posted to the RLI as a commando paramedic and participated in over 60 fire-force missions. John helped pioneer the role of combat medic with the RLI. By war 's end RLI had 3 medics KIA and 3 WIA. John Coey whilst deployed with 2 Commando on Operation Hurricane in Kandeya TTL was tragically shot by terrorists when he went to assist 2 fallen soldiers in a riverbed.

This contact resulted in 4 Rhodesian soldiers being killed and 4 wounded. John Coey posthumously received his bravery award in Heaven; he was a soldier of the Cross and a son of liberty. His family and many friends sadly miss him. John 's journal and letters have been published in a book titled  'A Martyr Speaks '.