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"They have the faces of boys but they fight like lions"

- Platoon Warrant Officer, E Company, 1 Rhodesian African Rifles, 18th March, 1968.

"The Incredible Rhodesian Light Infantry"

- The Hon. I. D. Smith, toasted the Regiment on 1st February 1968. This now famous phrase gave birth to the unit’s unofficial nickname, “The Incredibles”.

"Thank God for the Rhodesian Light Infantry"

- Lt. General Peter Walls, who commanded the Battalion form 1 December 1964 to 18 June 1967, expressed pride in the unit by using these words on the Regimental Birthday, 1 February 1975

The RLI Regimental Association has since adopted the following Motto:

"Pugnamus Amo Leo"

- To Fight Like Lions

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